Corporate Training Services


Public speaking is the number one fear in the world… Number two is death. How to be your best self in this there-is-a-lot-on-the-line sort of situation may be a question you ask yourself.

Mark Antoine will teach you all tricks, tips and techniques on public speaking that you can use in your daily life, whether you're on a one-on-one conversation, speaking to thousands, on a job interview or on a first date! Corporate training on public speaking is a skill you will have for life and use in many situations.

Mark Antoine helps you to become a fearless compelling speaker. He oversees your training, your speech writing, your private coaching prior to events and also your ongoing training to perfect your skills to become the best version of yourself in the most challenging situations.

Effective communication is essential in any role, it is your ability to energize a room while being the most lovable person in the room that will leave us with a strong impression that you are a charismatic leader, a compelling speaker to watch and listen to. 

About charisma... You're not born with it! You build it, just like you build trust. It's a process we can work on, either one on one or during team building sessions to help you use all talents of your workforce.

So instead of making your audience read your slides for 30min at your next event, come learn with Mark Antoine, keynote speaker and corporate trainer, how to inspire and energize crowds with genuine passion. Mark Antoine is based in Miami Beach, FL and travels the globe for his clients.