Mark Antoine played perfectly his role of host during our event. He quickly understood our company and our strategic challenges, put our speakers at ease and added with finesse a personal touch of humor during this convivial moment!
— Bonduelle Group, Anne-Cécile Ségui, Talent Development & Internal Communication Director
Mark Antoine is an expert MC with a real empathy, sharp humor and precise preparation which makes him a great professional.
We can only recommend his expertise, flexibility and adaptability, if you want your event to live up to your ambitions. He is our best ambassador.
— Renault France, After-Sales Marketing Team
Excellent Emcee! Mark Antoine is both incisive and caring. He understands the stakes of the company while putting at ease its speakers. A must!
— Elephant Live, Lionel Cottu, CEO

Why Hire a Master of Ceremony?

Still thinking why you should hire Mark Antoine for your event. Well, here are few reasons that will help you reach the decision with ease.

·      Can easily connect with people

Mark Antoine can easily build a powerful link with the audience and keep them engaged. He can easily add spark to a business gathering to keep employees motivated and interested.

·      Can keep the situation under control

During a live event or a meeting, things may go wrong. Mark makes sure to keep things under control. He is the flow of the show and he knows how to keep it together.

·      He is spontaneous

Mark never wings it. He is spontaneous, he rehearses his script well and can easily weave fantastic inspirational stories that will keep the audience hooked. So whether it’s the introduction of a CEO or the Queen of England, he can do it effortlessly, and very Britishly. 

·      He is a learner for life

Mark Antoine is devoted to self-education and believes that there are plenty of opportunities available for him to learn. Therefore, he takes out time and makes sure to invest his time in learning new things.

·      He has many hats

Mark is the busiest person in any event he attends. He is a leader, communicator, entertainer, diplomat, motivator, researcher and a problem solver too. Still, he looks his best in every MC hat.

He’s a guy who has been there and done that. So all you need to do is to sit back and know you have a guy who will represent you in good light.