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Mark Antoine

Speaker, renowned TV host and master of ceremonies for prestigious global clients, Mark Antoine loves to talk to audiences!

Mark is an expert Master of Ceremony and can talk about everything anywhere - be it under the sun of Miami or with a cup of tea in London.

Call him whatever you want: Event emcee, live event personality, master of ceremonies, expert MC or conference mediator, journalist, Mark has many different hats to help his clients have a successful event. He loves engaging his audience, interacting with them and delivering corporate messages in many different situations.

An energetic, engaging and entertaining MC will make you feel that you, the listener, matter, and through his eye contact you will feel connected to the presentation. 

Mark Antoine is an engagement expert who is known for his talent, skills and entertaining abilities. A trained master of ceremonies and motivational speaker, he has a vast experience in public speaking and entertaining. Whether it is a product launch, an incentive, a training event, an award ceremony or a company team building event, interacting with people comes naturally to him.

Mark Antoine is an engagement expert, an event leader who will deliver your corporate messages with clarity, dignity, focus, passion, humanity and authenticity for a successful event.

As an emcee Mark Antoine ensures that every guest coming to the event is fully engaged throughout the show. He has that unique ability, this "je ne sais quoi", to connect with the audience instantly and to perfectly sum up the message.

Mark Antoine is an entertainer who can immediately relate to his guests, create a sincere bond with his live audience, laugh with people and deliver the corporate message at the best time.

Mark Antoine prides himself on being the returning host for multiple events organized by prestigious corporations and trade shows around the globe like Visa, Accenture, Deloitte, HSBC, Renault...

So while you may be doing everything right with the perfect message, HOW you get it across to your audience is WHY you need Mark Antoine as Master of Ceremony! 

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Discover the highlights of Mark Antoine's hosting skills in this short video showreel.  



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